Skyscraper - Demi Lovato (Cover By: Davina Michelle)

25 jan. 2021
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Original by: ‘Demi Lovato’
©Sub-Bass Music Group

  • 💙💚💛🧡💜

    AngeliQue sAngeliQue s6 uur geleden
  • I dont like most of her songs only few because She sings but does not interprete but this one is amazing full of emotions and It literally made me cry I can feel it the pain . Great work!

    Lenka SingingLenka Singing19 uur geleden
  • I Love your voice... ❤

    Geovana RochaGeovana RochaDag geleden
  • Absolutely gorgeous 😍 so blessed to come across your channel... Such a beautiful engaging voice 😁🙏🥂🌟⚘👏👏👏

    Nate PhillipsNate Phillips3 dagen geleden
  • Absolutely stunning voice and stunning looking 😍

    Johnn PriceJohnn Price3 dagen geleden
  • ######## PLEASE sing the song never enough. You would be amazing and have a great voice!!!!

    justin beranekjustin beranek4 dagen geleden
  • Youre a singing beast❤️

    Alvin ReymundoAlvin Reymundo6 dagen geleden
  • Love your voice girl 😍

    Cecilia JenningsCecilia Jennings9 dagen geleden
  • Yaaasss been waiting for this omg

    LauraLaura11 dagen geleden
  • You should do "head above water" by Avril

    Aszukie KirigayaAszukie Kirigaya11 dagen geleden
  • Wow😲😲

    the lady bugthe lady bug11 dagen geleden
  • U hit that G5 like a champ! Keep it up

    Miley's Bangerz VocalsMiley's Bangerz Vocals12 dagen geleden
  • she deserves WAAYYYY more than this!! shivers down my spine. the POWER her voice hold.. 😍💯💕🙌🏼

    Ifra ImranIfra Imran15 dagen geleden
  • Girl your hair looks amazing

    { GalacticHuskyZ }{ GalacticHuskyZ }16 dagen geleden
  • Linda💗

    Emanuelle Fernandez ManuEmanuelle Fernandez Manu16 dagen geleden
  • I can't find a better cover for this song than this one... incredible 👏👏👏

    asura ouasura ou17 dagen geleden
  • Let's talk about her New look, amazing 🔥 this girl is on fire 🔥🔥♥️

    Baraa Mohammed Abu SamrahBaraa Mohammed Abu Samrah17 dagen geleden
  • :0

    Sebastian BlancoSebastian Blanco19 dagen geleden
  • Wow🤘🤘

    Ellen printzessa del katuen munduaEllen printzessa del katuen mundua20 dagen geleden
  • 🕊️🌈

    Novia NursafitriNovia Nursafitri20 dagen geleden
  • Vim pelo Gustavo ✌

    Karla Silva GonçalvesKarla Silva Gonçalves20 dagen geleden
  • Demi would be super proud

    SiSi USiSi U20 dagen geleden
  • I have never cried to a song before. And this did it for me ❤️❤️❤️

    VinesFNVinesFN21 dag geleden
    • bro this gave me goose bumps and made me cry

      Emily WachEmily Wach19 dagen geleden
  • I’m literally crying rn you bring so much emotion to this. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

    VinesFNVinesFN21 dag geleden
  • The emotion your putting into this is amazing, I’m getting really nostalgic, your amazing 🤩

    VinesFNVinesFN21 dag geleden
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bessy BfBessy Bf21 dag geleden
  • I hope that a big recording studio would sign her up, so that she’ll be able to do her own songs-not just covers. She’s a really good singer-her techniques and voice tone are outstanding.

    Dothel RofaDothel Rofa21 dag geleden
    • She has a own album out it is called my own world

      konijnen fenkonijnen fen13 dagen geleden
    • i agree, she has good control and a lot of power in her voice and she sing it with passion along with a message

      Emily WachEmily Wach19 dagen geleden
  • This is my favorite song, and now it's even better! Demi has a very good voice, and you have the proof right here that she's not the only one with this amazing voice! I think you are going to be a world artist. Dit is mijn favoriete lied en nu is het nog veel beter! Demi Lovato heeft een hele goede stem en jij heb het bewijs dat zij niet de enige is met zo'n geweldige stem! Ik denk dat je echt een wereld artiest gaat worden, je bent het al in Nederland en het gaat nog veel meer worden. Love you so much!! Xxx❤❤🎶💕💕

    Amy Jane AlbertsAmy Jane Alberts22 dagen geleden
  • Why don't you upload ur covers on spotify??? 🥺 🥺 🥺

    likkana 0257likkana 025722 dagen geleden
  • you are very good, in my opinion, you should go to X factor

    serena luposerena lupo23 dagen geleden
  • Just amazing as usual

    Shavit sultanShavit sultan23 dagen geleden
  • Só mutch better then original, Jesus í got gosepumps all the música

    Nelson SilvaNelson Silva24 dagen geleden
  • Finally, I stumbled across someone with a good singing voice. Tired of all the Billie & Ariana wannabes on NLworld

    Evie RichEvie Rich24 dagen geleden
  • Cover joshua Bassett songs please

    Nourhan YasserNourhan Yasser24 dagen geleden
  • Wow sutch a amazing feeling, to hear this i think we are onert

    Martha JaworskaMartha Jaworska25 dagen geleden
  • Amazing! Love the hair too ❤️😘

    Map TMap T25 dagen geleden
  • Do what a time Julia Michaels ft Niall Horan.... Plz🙁

    TanishkaTanishka25 dagen geleden
  • That hair though! FIRE!

    The DutchessThe Dutchess26 dagen geleden
  • Best cover ever ❤

    MR. NoBodyMR. NoBody26 dagen geleden
  • Absolutely love this song, it helped me through a bad break up to. Yeah this song made me feel like I was indestructible.

    Tracey Meli MusicTracey Meli Music27 dagen geleden
  • please...emotional song : i love the way you lie cover ...pleaseeee... :( *Thank You in advance

    Rosemoon GlayRosemoon Glay27 dagen geleden
  • Hi, i am your huge Fan from Indonesia ! :)

    Rosemoon GlayRosemoon Glay27 dagen geleden
  • omg pls do midnight sky or plastic hearts by miley cyrus that’d sound so pretty with your voice

    maya dunnmaya dunn27 dagen geleden
  • zo mooiii!

    Nynke RijkersNynke Rijkers27 dagen geleden
  • 1:44 use this as a repeat button if you came for the high note

    Ella HunterElla Hunter28 dagen geleden
  • En hoe gaat het met je en hoe oud ben je

    Djeslyn MaassenDjeslyn Maassen29 dagen geleden
  • Davina Michelle heb je nu rood haar

    Djeslyn MaassenDjeslyn Maassen29 dagen geleden
  • I wish these were longer 😭😭😭😭

    cristina perezcristina perez29 dagen geleden
  • Gorgeous

    EDEN HAZARDEDEN HAZARD29 dagen geleden
  • I love her hair in this one!!! ❤

    Bethany MayBethany May29 dagen geleden
  • Love your Haircolor ;D

    SkadivanaSkadivana29 dagen geleden
  • You really got the voice 😭🥺 Daviie❤🥺😭 I'm so emotional 🤧😭🥺❤ Please sing Anyone by demi lovato

    Abish ElleAbish Elle29 dagen geleden
  • Davina epic lovato

    Lima DiyahLima DiyahMaand geleden
  • I'm a fan of your voice from Saudi Arabia.

    أحمد الزهرانيأحمد الزهرانيMaand geleden
  • 你是永远是最棒的

    Victory AmrVictory AmrMaand geleden
  • Só tenho a agradexer o Lazaro por ter mostrado essa cantora pra gente

    Camila MartínezCamila MartínezMaand geleden
  • Girl, I love you hoodie and you aswell.

    Savannah HouckSavannah HouckMaand geleden
  • perfect!

    Mi AlvelliMi AlvelliMaand geleden
  • sings "Better" from now united pleaseeeee!

    Luan AugustoLuan AugustoMaand geleden
  • Could you do point of view by Ariana Grande pliss??? Sorry my english I am from Spain ❤❤

    Lucia Garcia CarralLucia Garcia CarralMaand geleden
  • wow.. I literally got goosebumps :O anyone else?

    chro azadchro azadMaand geleden
  • Hey Davina Michelle Ik heb een vriendschapsverzoek gekregen van jou op deze naam (Davina MichElle) en ik moest mijn emailadres invullen en mijn kaartcode invullen zij had mij een pb gestuurd en nu is ze niet meer beschikbaar op Messenger dus ik probeer je op deze manier te bereiken en ik zie graag een reactie tegemoet Met vriendelijke groet Rhavy Zwartkruis

    Rhavy ZwartkruisRhavy ZwartkruisMaand geleden
  • The best thing I've ever heard❤️

    Wenke H.Wenke H.Maand geleden
  • zou u afsublieft bad lair willen zingen

    Jasmijn RompJasmijn RompMaand geleden
  • Walang kupas. Always my favorite cover artist❤️

    April MancuyasApril MancuyasMaand geleden
  • Could you sing snowman by sia? Please I love your voice! ✨❤️

    CandelaCandelaMaand geleden

    ScaryBopcornScaryBopcornMaand geleden
  • Duf GateDuf GateMaand geleden
  • Wooow wat heb ik hierop zolangg op gewacht 😭😩 This wrap my heart ❤️❤️ I am shaking

    AndjeliShamaAndjeliShamaMaand geleden
  • Super mooi😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    Fenne BickerFenne BickerMaand geleden
  • Red hairs are bad .

    rocky balboarocky balboaMaand geleden
  • Can you do "Dark Side" by Bishop Briggs?

    MeenaMeenaMaand geleden
  • I really love your voice but not your makeup 😟 because you beautiful without makeup

    Barsha MallickBarsha MallickMaand geleden
  • Name Corneles mokodompit from indonesia asking l'm back

    Corneles MokodompitCorneles MokodompitMaand geleden
  • Why do I always think that she's Jessie J's twin? They look much alike..

    Mohammad Wafiuddin Adha Kamarul AzmanMohammad Wafiuddin Adha Kamarul AzmanMaand geleden
  • Wow Davina je hebt echt een mooie stem🥺😍🙏🏾 Love this song❤

    Feline JeandorFeline JeandorMaand geleden
  • I literally just found out about her yesterday on a Pink reaction video and LOVED her tone. excited to listen to her stuff!...ok wow...just wow!

    David PhillipsDavid PhillipsMaand geleden
  • You can cover.. Demi lovato..Give your heart..I think thats look amazinh when you cover that

    Alvernas D'CostaAlvernas D'CostaMaand geleden
  • There not enough meat and love to this song!! There need too be more emotions too it

    Weirdestpersonever 6Weirdestpersonever 6Maand geleden
  • Can you please sing Night Changes by One direction😁

    netflix_ series_netflix_ series_Maand geleden
  • I would love to hear "Love builds a garden' by elton john. An oldy, but I'm curious how it would sound with your voice.

    Marina NosaMarina NosaMaand geleden
  • Please, sing symphony by Zara Larson

    Karina EvansKarina EvansMaand geleden
  • She's a real star! 👏

    Juan AibarJuan AibarMaand geleden
  • Amazing how you do it time & time again ....

    Peter De WitPeter De WitMaand geleden
  • Pleeeeaaaassseeee do Clouds by Zach Sobiech

    Olivia DoyleOlivia DoyleMaand geleden
  • Looooving your hair 😍😍 And of course your voice as always its beautifully perfect !

    Amy TokoAmy TokoMaand geleden
  • Your appearance is so perfect! Love your hair colour... And thank you so much that you've covered one of my favourite songs!

    Stephani Thalia SStephani Thalia SMaand geleden
  • Your hair is so pretty 😍

    Basic White BitchBasic White BitchMaand geleden

    valvalMaand geleden
  • What an amazing Voice.

    magxmusicmagxmusicMaand geleden
  • Perfect, like an angel!❤

    Carlos Henrique PennaCarlos Henrique PennaMaand geleden
  • Cadê os 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷?

    simplesmente Jusimplesmente JuMaand geleden
  • Impressionnant 😲❤️

    PAQUiTASS 'PAQUiTASS 'Maand geleden
  • beautiful

    SifSifMaand geleden
  • I've been waiting for this like my whole dam life

    Go AlyaGo AlyaMaand geleden
  • justin bieber confident plis

    Annia ArwenAnnia ArwenMaand geleden
  • Bruh I was watching a video on 1.5x and then clicked on this and was like ‘ok this is a diff type of cover’ and then I realised and cackled

    Patricia SinghPatricia SinghMaand geleden
  • "Something just like this" I am really waiting for this cover from you

    Olga DandaraOlga DandaraMaand geleden
  • Please do more demi Lovato songs good job you so amazing💚💜🖤🥰🥰🖤🖤🖤

    CaitlinIsA DemiLovatoFanCaitlinIsA DemiLovatoFanMaand geleden
  • Love your voice!!! 🌹❤️😻😭

    Be LightningBe LightningMaand geleden