Liar - Davina Michelle

23 nov. 2020
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‘Liar’ is OUT NOW!💿 I wanted to write a song for everyone that has ever been deceived. I hope this helps🩸
x Davina Michelle
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  • Woooow, I'm speechless. Love your voice, your attitude on the camera and love this song now on. Thank you!!!

    Natalya ChornaNatalya Chorna20 uur geleden
  • Ongeloveloos mooi Kippenvel

    Jan BuitenkampJan Buitenkamp2 dagen geleden
  • Hi davina im fan of your cover so beautiful Can you cover K-pop psycho by red velvet pls

    irene yerimirene yerim3 dagen geleden
  • The chords and the chordprogression of the intro, verse and chorus are the same as the Pink Floyd song "Comfortably Numb". Pink Floyd is a band that was founded in the 1960's, and made music and made music till the 1990's.

    1glassMilk1glassMilk3 dagen geleden
  • Superrrrrr , love it 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Gamze TolanayGamze Tolanay4 dagen geleden
  • OMG that is so f*cking good!!!

    Hartzal Ray PattersonHartzal Ray Patterson4 dagen geleden
  • عالیییییییی😁🇮🇷

    heliya khobyariheliya khobyari4 dagen geleden
  • I feel this could be a james bond soundtrack

    Larissa BakkerLarissa Bakker5 dagen geleden
  • Ik hou van jouw liedjea

    Joke van der LooJoke van der Loo6 dagen geleden
  • My radio wakes me up with your song i love it😍

    Lisa TolsmaLisa Tolsma7 dagen geleden
  • Love this song love your voice too ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    ElizaCabsElizaCabs7 dagen geleden
  • Her voice is so powerfull

    ReactionReaction7 dagen geleden
  • Normaal heb ikniks met haar. Maar dit is een prachtig nummer❤

    Rona van RijnsoeverRona van Rijnsoever8 dagen geleden
  • Amazing! I just discovered you! Now I have to listen to everything! This song gave me chills!!

    Aylianna1Aylianna18 dagen geleden
  • Goosebumps over my body.. Tears in my eyes.. Thank you for this song❤️ #helpshealing

    Claudia ReichartClaudia Reichart8 dagen geleden
  • Hoe kan dit zo weinig views hebben pffff geweldig!!❤️❤️

    Iris Van NoortwijkIris Van Noortwijk8 dagen geleden
  • 🎶🎵🎤🌺👍

    ışıl gültekinışıl gültekin9 dagen geleden
  • Je bent heeeeeel goed in zingen😁😁😍 echt groote fan davina

    Dewi BeetsDewi Beets10 dagen geleden
  • Ah i love this video

    Justin DokterJustin Dokter11 dagen geleden
  • You sing like Pink. Well done!

    Ирина ПаскарИрина Паскар13 dagen geleden

    Cengiz Ünsal Metro FM & Joy FMCengiz Ünsal Metro FM & Joy FM14 dagen geleden
  • Toen ik het voor het eerst hoorde, dacht ik: verrek, ik vind die Adele eigenlijk toch wel goed. Ga vooral zo door.

    Theo van RijnTheo van Rijn15 dagen geleden
  • Canta demaiiiiss 🇧🇷

    Esther SilvaEsther Silva15 dagen geleden
  • Amazing! Love it! :-)

    Stephan SchoutenStephan Schouten18 dagen geleden
  • I could not find words....

    BabayagaBabayaga19 dagen geleden
  • Wow is all i can say at the moment, too much words. Im guessing this is an original(by you) not a cover, its insanely beautifully done it feels like one of those songs that are rare but that seem unending, like the story isnt over and the melody just plays on as if theres a part two coming up. I love the way musicians tell stories like this, telling their pain and it being just so beautiful that it almost seems like the pain is beautiful but its the transformation because of the pain, that is the beautiful part. Knowing ones truth,learning ones truth, among liars and false promises, being left for dead and stuff like that. Pain, pain, go away, we dont want in anymore, we are light beings choosing to rise above. 🔥🕊🌙💛🎤🎼🎙🙏💪💕💚👽

    Phoenixangel 1111Phoenixangel 111119 dagen geleden
  • Sorry i underestimated you

    Debbie ClarkDebbie Clark21 dag geleden
  • One of my favorite...

    Debbie ClarkDebbie Clark21 dag geleden
  • How hasn't this reached Ariana Grande kinda views, are you kidding me? Your voice, the lyrics are absolutely phenomenal.

    van Rensburgvan Rensburg21 dag geleden
  • من الجزائر صوت رووووعه😍🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩🇩🇿

    الجزائر عربيةالجزائر عربية22 dagen geleden
  • Are you broken 🥺

    NikkyNikky22 dagen geleden
  • That voice!! ❤️

    Melanie RauwsMelanie Rauws24 dagen geleden
  • ❤️

    konijnen fenkonijnen fen25 dagen geleden
  • Ohw Jezus !! What a voice

    Martin Van DijkenMartin Van Dijken25 dagen geleden
  • veel liedjes klinken als goedkoop scoren maar jii zet telkens wat legendarisch neer

    valentijnrawvalentijnraw26 dagen geleden
  • ik stoor me heel vaak aan de radio behalve als jouw nummers voorbij komen michelle

    valentijnrawvalentijnraw26 dagen geleden
  • Omg I fall in love with the song ❤️

    Noralisa KambaliNoralisa Kambali29 dagen geleden
  • je zingt super!!!!!!!!!!! je bent mijn idool❤💕💋💖

    Yalou van de CraatsYalou van de Craats29 dagen geleden
  • Dope! 100%

    Eddie de VlugtEddie de VlugtMaand geleden
  • 😍🥰

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  • Holyyyy🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯👑😍👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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  • 🖤

    miriã borgesmiriã borgesMaand geleden
  • Amazingggg!!!!!!!!! Love from Suriname ❤🇸🇷

    Shev MacShev MacMaand geleden
  • SuperB Davina :-)

    Marco BothmerMarco BothmerMaand geleden
  • Amazing

    مجتبى مرتضى Mujtaba Murtadaمجتبى مرتضى Mujtaba MurtadaMaand geleden
  • top

    Jhessily OliverJhessily OliverMaand geleden
  • Amazing

    Evelyn CamposEvelyn CamposMaand geleden
  • Amazing 👏

    Sam_I_Am 87Sam_I_Am 87Maand geleden
  • Meer eigen liedjes maken! Damn wat een passie in dit nummer!

    Pris CillaPris CillaMaand geleden
  • My heart can't stop listening to your amazing song 😍😍😍😍😍

    Hadeel AhmadHadeel AhmadMaand geleden
  • Low recording audio quality

    DincerTDincerTMaand geleden
  • Her song make me so cry

    Iam.Acacia NNIam.Acacia NNMaand geleden
  • Poehee! ff bijkomen hoor! zakdoekie ;-)

    Eddie de VlugtEddie de VlugtMaand geleden
  • Nice songs and nice voice ❤️❤️❤️

    music feversmusic feversMaand geleden
  • Просто восхитительно, хочется слушать и слушать 🤩🤩🤩😌😌🎵🎶🎙🎤🎧🎧🎧

    Елена ЧемезоваЕлена ЧемезоваMaand geleden
  • new favourite song confirmed ✅

    QuinsQuinsMaand geleden
  • Blew m away......fabulous cover......utterly captivating!!!!!! Thanks Davina, what a production.....Love from England, Gxxx

    Graeme NicholsonGraeme NicholsonMaand geleden
    • @Duikbrilletje 112 My's fabulous anyway!

      Graeme NicholsonGraeme NicholsonMaand geleden
    • this is not a cover

      Duikbrilletje 112Duikbrilletje 112Maand geleden
  • Kun je mischien een keer een NL liedje doen?

    Lisa JoostenLisa JoostenMaand geleden
  • Non stop replay. This is so pure an amazing

    Rodolfo PachecoRodolfo PachecoMaand geleden
  • صوتك لحالوووو سيتامول يا عمري انتي 😴🚶💙🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❄

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  • Goddess 😭💘💖

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  • Queen🔥 hoop dat je groot mag worden.

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  • vet goed zeg

    Sara LeeuwSara LeeuwMaand geleden
  • The voice of an Angel

    pollypixelpollypixelMaand geleden
  • Read a book with this song playing on repeat. It fit the setting perfectly. I literally finished it within a day because I was so madly invested in it. This song gave it so much extra dimension.

    Sjane MarieSjane MarieMaand geleden
  • Gives me chills

    Maddy ChristensenMaddy ChristensenMaand geleden
  • I have no words for this incredible voice and song. I can just say wow.

    Julia L.Julia L.Maand geleden
  • Thought this song was sang by Adele 😳

    mernandamernandaMaand geleden
  • I'm brasilian, so good song, I went by Gustavo Lazaro NLworldr BR

    Benjamin Netanyahu NetanyahuBenjamin Netanyahu NetanyahuMaand geleden
  • Wowwwww

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  • I be jamming so HARD to this!!!

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  • Wow this is just amazing and powerful

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  • My new fav song!

    Megan_leedMegan_leedMaand geleden
  • WHY The hell is this not famous famous

    dorsa-2004dorsa-2004Maand geleden
  • I trusted someone who wasn't worth my trust. After two years of lies I ended the relationship and that was the best thing I ever did. Thank you for the beautiful song!

    Suzanne SmitsSuzanne SmitsMaand geleden
  • wow kippen vel

    Nova DiertensNova DiertensMaand geleden
  • Ohhhhh my God #euqueroserumperdoador

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  • My crush showed this to me

  • Davina .... Every song you sing you get to me 😶 i am a big fan please keep singing ❤️❤️❤️

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  • Oh my Goodness 😍 literally got goosebumps, this is amazing

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  • believe me , your song is just coool. i am falling looove with u... we need more songs of yours ,,,,loooooove me Davina..

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  • It's unbelievable girl. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaally nice and amazing

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  • Hoi Davina je bent echt goed

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  • Impressionante.

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  • ik ben fan van u

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  • meu amigo parabéns

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  • A M A Z I N G !

    Hanna PrataHanna Prata2 maanden geleden
  • This sounds beautiful 🎹❣️

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  • Stunning 😍

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  • This is fucking gold

    maria jose Tovarmaria jose Tovar2 maanden geleden
  • I would like this video a million times if i could

    Mad DevilMad Devil2 maanden geleden
  • You know, with such a voice any words which come out from your mouth turn into a beautiful song.

    Elvis PreslyElvis Presly2 maanden geleden

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  • so good, amazing

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  • I absolutely adore you and your voice ❤️🙌🏻

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  • مو ب تنم سیخ شد خا

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  • I was cheated on multiple times by my ex.. many times when I caught him he found a way to turn it on me.. many times, I forgave him.. I did what I could to try to be the best boyfriend. For there to he a scenario where I did nothing wrong but nonetheless he still did what he did, and he found a way to make it my fault, or bring up something I did wrong from the past.. doesn’t take away the fact that he was a liar liar.. the final time I caught him red handed with his ex coming home from work... and this song resonates 100% with me

    Jose AlomarJose Alomar2 maanden geleden