drivers license - Olivia Rodrigo (Cover By: Davina Michelle)

18 jan. 2021
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Original by: ‘Olivia Rodrigo’
©Sub-Bass Music Group

  • Omg Davina Michelle dit is geweldig! Ben echt heel fan van jou je hebt een prachtige stem!

    Dagmar_unityfan_edits.XDagmar_unityfan_edits.X18 uur geleden
  • HI! Im from Brasil and i love the cover!

    Carol CidCarol Cid2 dagen geleden
  • do Sugababes - Ugly:)

    dragos columbeanudragos columbeanu2 dagen geleden
  • WIshing it was the complete song!

    Justin BlaauwwiekelJustin Blaauwwiekel3 dagen geleden
  • hey. if you love this song and wanna sing it with a somewhat real pianist, i filmed myself playing the piano base of this song on a grand piano, so that people can sing on it and have it sound like it's the original. you can find it on my channel. if you do end up using it, let me know what you think! i'd really appreciate it.

    Elena SpanoElena Spano3 dagen geleden
  • ❤️

    Kamila BKamila B4 dagen geleden
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭

    Rᥱᥒᥲtᥲ UwURᥱᥒᥲtᥲ UwU4 dagen geleden
  • Davina you’re amazing!

    Juliacristinarocha RochaJuliacristinarocha Rocha4 dagen geleden
  • pensei que era a luisa sonza

    Layza GomesLayza Gomes4 dagen geleden
  • omg.....this is more perfect than the original song.....

    Abi Mashups DotcomAbi Mashups Dotcom5 dagen geleden
  • beautiful voice!

    Patty LeePatty Lee6 dagen geleden
  • Her voice is crystal clear 🙄

    Kiro RoKiro Ro6 dagen geleden
  • never been so happy but so sad in the same time

    ivander immanuelivander immanuel6 dagen geleden
  • You are so Good!😍🥰😘 you are the best!

    Marin SprickMarin Sprick7 dagen geleden
  • It's a song that I really like. I'm so happy to hear this song on your channel. It was so touching that I played this song. I want to communicate with you.

    으니티비 euniTV으니티비 euniTV7 dagen geleden
  • shes beter than olivia rodrigo like if u agree! :)

    Hira FatimaHira Fatima8 dagen geleden
  • Bruh why everytime she inna video, she look mad good, like makeup on point, hair on fleek, clothes and nails fye, LIKEEEEEE, AND HER VOICE DOE

    jasmine chryslerjasmine chrysler8 dagen geleden
  • wow! i'm in love!!! 😊❤

    hanne henkenshanne henkens8 dagen geleden
  • She looks more to mad then sadಥ‿ಥ

    Andy AndyAndy Andy9 dagen geleden
  • shes good ! but samatha harvey is good! you should subscribe and watch her!

    Zainab HusainZainab Husain10 dagen geleden
  • Oh. My. God.

    Emma HarrisEmma Harris10 dagen geleden
  • Me netherlands : we dont have anyone like ariana or billie.. davina: u sure.. ? me: ok we hav the best singer ever 🥺

    Sjoerd HoeijmakersSjoerd Hoeijmakers10 dagen geleden
  • You sing so amazingly, you should go to America's got talent!.

    Antonella Orozco.Antonella Orozco.10 dagen geleden
  • Sing Mad World by Gary Jules!!! You are AMAZING!

    Rachael WeigleRachael Weigle13 dagen geleden
  • This is so beautiful!!! Congrats!🤩🥰

    Maja i Zuzia JabłońskieMaja i Zuzia Jabłońskie13 dagen geleden
  • Plot twist : she dyed her hair red cuz her hair is blonde xD

    Moonlight CloudMoonlight Cloud14 dagen geleden

    Moonlight CloudMoonlight Cloud14 dagen geleden
  • Love it ❤😍❤

    Sara HoffmanSara Hoffman14 dagen geleden
  • OMG... her voice

    Tania ChabilTania Chabil15 dagen geleden
  • Komt het spotify

    Mandy LeusMandy Leus15 dagen geleden
  • I like this song! This is the best version I ever heard!

    Melissa EshuisMelissa Eshuis15 dagen geleden
  • That hair 🔥

    SweetJazz 00SweetJazz 0016 dagen geleden
  • What a voice ♥️ good job

    Natasha CartyNatasha Carty16 dagen geleden
  • HOW?! Its like better than the original!! I love you! ( I love your hair also :)

    Miranda Perrone-GrayMiranda Perrone-Gray17 dagen geleden
  • Loved it

    Neelam SinghNeelam Singh19 dagen geleden
  • the original was good.. this cover is better,and best..

    FLORIS.FLORIS.20 dagen geleden
  • Better than the original/ next: Sabrina Carpenter - Skin

    SiSi USiSi U20 dagen geleden
  • Dit is mooier dan het origineel😱😍 echt waar ik bedoel je bent gwn de beste zangeres van de wereld joh🎤😍❤

    Evi FaaseEvi Faase20 dagen geleden
  • Wooow! love it!

    Lisa JoostenLisa Joosten21 dag geleden
  • Damn... Absolutely stunning😍😍😍😍

    Caydy KayCaydy Kay21 dag geleden
  • Your voice is ❤️😱😱😵😳😳😳😳🤯😫😫😫🥺🥺🥺😩😩

    ThisChannelThisChannel21 dag geleden
  • I love so much this song that I recorded also a cover with my Saxophone :)

    Mr. Sax CMr. Sax C21 dag geleden
  • 😍😍🤍🤍

    Maryam RahmaniMaryam Rahmani21 dag geleden

    Amber MulfordAmber Mulford21 dag geleden
    • No offence Olivia your amazing

      Amber MulfordAmber Mulford20 dagen geleden
  • My cover -> 💚

    K GreingerK Greinger21 dag geleden
  • This should have been your song.

    Gülcan AlbayrakGülcan Albayrak21 dag geleden

    Femke van NiftrikFemke van Niftrik21 dag geleden
  • u look like jessie j a little bit

    Arvia MaheswariArvia Maheswari21 dag geleden
  • OMGG! Maybe better than the original.. 😳🤩 YOU ROCK IT!!

    Loena VissersLoena Vissers21 dag geleden
  • Please put this cover on Spotify 🙈

    Yaren NartYaren Nart22 dagen geleden
  • You are amazing! 😍😍

    Laura JonesLaura Jones22 dagen geleden
  • kippenvel.

    Zoë LoeffenZoë Loeffen22 dagen geleden
  • Love this!! My daughter does a wonderful version of this song #hannahrobuccio​

    Ron Robuccio BandRon Robuccio Band22 dagen geleden
  • I barely ever comment on your videos, no hate. I just simply cannot find words for the level of talent you just release so effortlessly🤯😭❤

    ROSIE MAYROSIE MAY23 dagen geleden

    park jiminpark jimin23 dagen geleden
  • WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, I got chills , it Sooooooo good, I just keep replaying it, awwwwww so good, can't get over it😭😭😭❤️

    Cevina Mina & MollyCevina Mina & Molly24 dagen geleden
  • Wow 🔥🔥🔥😍😍❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍

    ren floresren flores24 dagen geleden
  • Shes getting better and better everyday. I love her.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    swag /girlyswag /girly24 dagen geleden
  • Hey guys! did a cover of drivers license☺ would be happy if u check it out 💕

    BirdamlagülBirdamlagül24 dagen geleden
    • Check out my cover!

      Emmy and Ember VlogsEmmy and Ember Vlogs24 dagen geleden
  • Amazingly talented

    abir jerbiabir jerbi25 dagen geleden
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤🔥 Love from South Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦

    Precious Pre'LeePrecious Pre'Lee26 dagen geleden
  • Super nice!

    Christine RestakyanChristine Restakyan26 dagen geleden
  • No. Just no

    James CookeJames Cooke26 dagen geleden
  • Waw, this is talent

    Bassirou FatoumataBassirou Fatoumata26 dagen geleden
  • .............. i have no words for this....

    Nikky KeusNikky Keus27 dagen geleden
  • hz heb je je haar rood ? je zang is wel heel mooi :);)

    Eszter VSO Klein BorculoEszter VSO Klein Borculo27 dagen geleden
  • Think I may need to do my own cover to this song 🙂🙌

    Tracey Meli MusicTracey Meli Music27 dagen geleden
    • Check out mine!

      Emmy and Ember VlogsEmmy and Ember Vlogs24 dagen geleden
  • Amazing voice🥺

    OliwiaOliwia27 dagen geleden
  • This is my fave female cover

    Em BenabbouEm Benabbou27 dagen geleden
    • Check mine out

      Emmy and Ember VlogsEmmy and Ember Vlogs24 dagen geleden
  • Bah

    chris15841chris1584127 dagen geleden
  • This is literally the first cover of this song I actually like! So happy that I found ya in my recommendations. Awesome

    Natalie PurpleNinjaNatalie PurpleNinja27 dagen geleden
  • Wauw!!!!! Kippenvel 😍😍

    Explore with meExplore with me27 dagen geleden
  • SIIINNNNGGGG Davinaaaa!!!!!!😭🥰

    Ayanna RandallAyanna Randall28 dagen geleden
  • Amazing cover as always!!

    Ayanna RandallAyanna Randall28 dagen geleden
  • I’m here for the red🥰

    Ayanna RandallAyanna Randall28 dagen geleden
  • I love your voice but I don't know alot of these songs but damn girl your passion your power your passion damnnnnnnn ok I'm a new Dan..yup

    AllyAlly28 dagen geleden

    Lizzy KaalLizzy Kaal28 dagen geleden
  • 1:20 What the f*ck was that. 🤯

    José Luis Caro JovenJosé Luis Caro Joven28 dagen geleden
  • I can't say anything..... wow it's so pure and so beautiful omg!!! I love it ❤❤❤❤❤

    Adriana De pabloAdriana De pablo28 dagen geleden
  • Amazing! So beautiful! In which key is this cover? :))

    Diana BDiana B29 dagen geleden
  • Theres alot of covers for this song. This one is definitely not my favorite

    davidgdoggdavidgdogg29 dagen geleden
    • Check out mine!!

      Emmy and Ember VlogsEmmy and Ember Vlogs24 dagen geleden
  • Period

    Bella's CheersBella's Cheers29 dagen geleden
  • Love your hair

    EDITX GIRLEDITX GIRL29 dagen geleden
  • I. Was waiting for this cover

    EDITX GIRLEDITX GIRL29 dagen geleden
  • Omg, thats a nice Cover & I love your voice!! I covered yesterday the same song.

    Nora MarieNora MarieMaand geleden
    • Me too! Look at mine!

      Emmy and Ember VlogsEmmy and Ember Vlogs24 dagen geleden
  • Can You Cover "Tears of Gold" or "Minefields" by Faouzia? You sound beautiful!

    Aaliyah LafleurAaliyah LafleurMaand geleden
  • I love your voice. #AnshikaSaroj

    Anshika SarojAnshika SarojMaand geleden
  • This song is pure shit

    Louca VenetisLouca VenetisMaand geleden
  • There is a drivers license cover on my channel❤

    AishaAishaMaand geleden
    • Same💕

      Emmy and Ember VlogsEmmy and Ember Vlogs24 dagen geleden
  • She’s one of the things the dutchies are proud of were are my dutchies btw ik ben ook nl huts

    Loessoee BruhLoessoee BruhMaand geleden
  • Her voice is heavenly ..😁

    Niuto ChophiNiuto ChophiMaand geleden
  • dit is een van mijn favoriete cover van je love itttttt

    Marieke JanssenMarieke JanssenMaand geleden
  • In the era of Billie lovers...I am in love with devina's pure singing

    Sham SweetsSham SweetsMaand geleden
  • I can’t explain how so good she is.... I mean I just have ONE word WOAH

    Sophia ChoSophia ChoMaand geleden
  • Amazing Cover 🤩❤️ I Just Subscribed . ✔️

    ilovetosingx3ilovetosingx3Maand geleden
  • Que voz linda de se escutar, da pra sentir sua emoçoes na alma.

    Levi Brito ‘Levi Brito ‘Maand geleden
  • I hear some Sia in her because her voice is somewhat cursive

    Alysa TsoAlysa TsoMaand geleden
  • Woow This is very beautiful!!! 👏🏼You did an awesome job 😊 (I just covered this too) 😀

    Anna Manukian coversAnna Manukian coversMaand geleden
  • ✨I was waiting for this ✨

    하즈에서하나하즈에서하나Maand geleden
  • Name Corneles mokodompit from indonesia asking

    Corneles MokodompitCorneles MokodompitMaand geleden